Pearls are a unique creation of nature.

 They are of infinite beauty and require no additional processing. The skillful jeweller can only enhance its refinement and nobility.

Many jewellery houses have tried to solve the mystery of this stone, but only the masters of Yamagiwa are able to create true pearl masterpieces.

In nature, the pearl is born in an unsightly-looking oyster that lives in warm sea waters (the Persian Gulf, Tahiti, Australia, Japan, Thailand, etc.). Pearl formation is a kind of the mollusk's protective reaction to a foreign body caught in its shells. The mollusk envelops the irritant with a layer of nacre, thus isolating it. Over time, layer upon layer, a pearl is formed. Under natural conditions, this process is extremely rare and lasts for years. Just imagine, it takes a mollusk nearly 20 years to form a pearl with a diameter of 5 mm! It is not surprising that for centuries only royalty, priests and VIPs had the right to wear pearls.