A classic necklace composed of a single strand of pearls is timeless and relevant in any style wardrobe. However, thanks to the imagination of jewellers and modern jewellery-making technology, necklaces are transformed from classic to ultra-trendy transformer accessories by various clasps and clasps, each of which is itself a jewellery piece.

In terms of their length, necklaces are classified into several categories. "Collar" and "Choker" necklaces look more formal, while "Opera" and "Rope" necklaces are more luxurious.

 If you want to bring more colour and eccentricity into your life, opt for a necklace of bright and colourful South Sea pearls. Such a necklace is called multicolor.

"Station" is a type of necklace in which craftsmen arrange the pearls at a certain distance from each other by stringing them on a silk cord or a gold (silver) chain. Some necklaces are several strands, with the pearls being further apart on a thin, almost invisible gold wire, which gives the pearls a "floating" appearance.